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Place Value

This week I introduced placed value through 100 to my 7 year but she really had difficulty  writing the value of 100. We used the place value blocks which helped her understand to a degree but she was having problems writing down the number itself. I started looking in various catalogs for some kind of resource that would help her understand how to write the number down. I could not find what I was looking for so I decided make something that was similar to a wooden Montessori set I saw a while back. I created place value cards. The place value cards show the numbers in expanded form and when placed on top of each other show what the number looks like. I created ones, tens and hundreds cards in seperate colors so that she can see what the value of each digit is when the cards are placed on top of each other.  They made such a huge difference! For example if the number is 347 she would pick up 300+40+7 and then slide the cards together which would then display 347. She loves them and u…