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Yes I am taking my blog to the next level. I will be airing in the coming weeks on blogtalk radio talking about various subjets pertaining to homeschooling.

COMING SOON!!! ~Peace~

Homescholing on a Budget

With all the boxed curriculum's and programs out you start to wonder if you can afford to homeschol. I will say that after homeschooling for the past 61/2 years I have spend very little money. You can spend as much or as little as you like depending on what you want to use. I will list a few resources and techniques we have used over the years that have saved us lots of money.

1. PUBLIC LIBRARY the library can be one of your most vital resources. It's free! You can find any book on any subject that you are working on. Most libraries are also accessible online and that's a time saver. Instead of taking hours physically searching in the library, you can find the books you want online and place them on hold so that you can go and pick them up. Alot of libraries also give homeschoolers the same advantages as teachers allowing you to tap into more resources not generally available to the public. The library is also a great way to meet other homeschoolers. You can take the oppor…

Tapping Into Your child's Learning Style

Knowing your child's learning styles will help you in deciding how you want to homeschool your children. Once you know the best ways your children are able to learn, you can then custumizr your lessons to better suite the child. YOu can then help your children to strengthen the areas they may not be as strong in. If you have multiple children, creating a one size fit all lesson plan may stunt a child's growth. You may have a set of identical twins and need to manipulate your lessons to accomadate their very different learning styles. One of the ways you can tap into their learning styles is by watching them play and how they communicate. I will list the various learning styles and how to pick upon them. (This informaton on learning styles below originally ran in the Parent to Parent column)

SPATIAL VISUAL LEARNER -- Needs and likes to visualize things; learns through images; enjoys art and drawing; reads maps, charts and diagrams well; fascinated with machines and inventions; p…

Unit Studies

Unit studies are a great way top include all of your children while teaching around a certain topic. I incoporate a lot of unit studies in my lesson. Because of the range of ages in children, I am able to provide a themed lesson that all of my children can participate in on their own indivual level. When creating your lessons you are taking that theme and incorporating every subject from math and science to geography and art. We are currently working on an autumn themed unit study which I will be sharing in the coming weeks.

This video is a homeschooling mom giving a brief example of a unit study and lapbooking project on butterflies she has prepared for her children. I wanted to share this video as a visual example of what a unit study may consist of.