Sound Investment

During the course of my homeschooling journey I have found more creative and cost effective means of educating my children. When I began teaching my oldest daughter (then 3) how to write her alphabet and numbers, I was consuming a lot of paper. This year I am teaching my 3 and 4 year old how to write and while I was creating a curriculum for them, it was as if I had an epiphany. The first thing that came too my mind was a laminater. Since I've purchased the laminater, I have been on create overdrive. I have created write and wipe binders for them. They consist of the pre-writing exercises,alphabet, numbers, patterns, size and shape discrimination, mazes etc. I am able to customize them according to their needs and they are durable. The best part is that they love to write in them. Schooling does not have to feel like pulling teeth. they have something that belongs to them and are able to use it whenever they want. I can also pass them down for future use with another child. I have also created flash cards, and various manipulatives with the laminater. You can purchase a small laminater which is sold for scrapbooking for $40.00. you can find one cheap on ebay. You can purchase 100+ laminating pouches on ebay for $20.00. That's a steal. Whether you are using it for the youngers ones, older ones, or yourself, a laminater is indeed a sound investment. A lot of the worksheets I printed of the web. A great site for printing the alphabet and numbers is .


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