Good Book to Incorporat Into Your history Lessons

This is a book that my 7 year old has been reading for history. This book is a historical fiction set during the time of the "Reconstruction Period" This book is meant for children ages 8 and up, but it depends on your child's level of understanding and reading level. It is about a 12-year-old orphaned slave who leaves South Carolina in search of a Freedmen's Bureau during the Reconstruction Period to claim the "40 acres and a mule"that was promised to them. I have compiled some subjects found in the book that can be expanded upon for further study.
Reconstruction Era
Freedman's Bureau
Emancipation Proclamation
Political Parties (Democarat/Republican etc.)
Abraham Lincoln
Carpet Baggers
Bureau of Refugees
Abandoned Lands
Union Leagues
Ku Klux Klan
Black Codes
Civil Rights Act
Southern Laws during slavery
There are also many vocabulary words that can be found and used for spelling and vocabulary activities. I always read a chapter ahead of my daughter so that I can create a vocab list of words that we can go over before we read so she has a complete understanding of the text. tyhis is where she also gets her practice using the dictionary and thesaurus. You can also go across the curriculum using the southern states in geography lessons, art, science and math. This is a good book and very readable. It is filled with many words and subjects that can bring forth many ideas and activities in your schooling.Much sucess on your journey ......~Light~


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