A Great Healthy Way to Use Left Over Rice

I am a big believer in "Waste not want Not", so we are always finding ways to make new dishes out of our left overs. We tend to always have rice left over a meal so we have come up with a great way to turn in into a breakfast dish. It filling, nutritious and the children love to help preparing it. I am not a big fan of rice pudding but the concept is pretty much the same.
We eat Indian Basmati rice, but I'm sure it Will taste great with all kinds:)

We heat up the rice add a little bit of water to soften it up. Then we use:
Soy milk - add as much as you like depending on how thick you want it.
Honey - to sweeten
Margarine (we use Earth Balance)
After it's all mixed, sweetened an seasoned to taste, pour it while is nice and hot. Here comes the fun part:) The children cut up all sorts of fruit, apples, bananas,strawberries, gooseberries or whatever you like and mix them into the rice .The children are participating and being proactive in their health. Try It Out and Let me know how it turns out:) ~Peace & Blessings~


Legacy/Nusaiba said…
I'm going to try this. I always end up with extra rice for just me and my King. Thanks!
You and your family will really enjoy it:)
JustLocs said…
Why do you use Basmati rice? Just wanted to know what the difference is, if any. Asante.

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