Now that We got all the Legal Stuff Out of the Way

Once you have squared all your legal requirements if any away, now the journey can really begin. This may be a little overwhelming but relax, it's not as hard as you may think it is. We all may have a concept of what school is based on our own personal experienced in the public school system. You have to in a sense deprogram yourself from the public school setting. Homeschooling does not have to be at all what we experienced growing. You can make it a fun enjoyable learning experience for you and your children. It can really be a holistic experience enlightening the mind, body and spirit. No two homes are alike. There are many different methods of homeschooling. It all depends on your family's needs and wants. Some families teach out of a boxed curriculum where the lessons are already prepared for you. In a boxed curriculum you have to do very little in terms of finding resources, however, there isn't much room for extras outside of the box. Some families, such as myself are what some consider eclectic. I like to pull from all kind of resources to create my own curriculum. When creating your own lessons, it takes a lot of time and research but to me it's worth it. You are able to customize your lessons for each individual child and incorporate a lot of different activities. Some families unschool their children where they let their children lead the educational process. The parents provide a rich environment reflective upon what their child's interest are. The possibilities are endless. If you are concerned about what your child should be learning in different grades, there are a few books that lay out a scope of what is learned in each subject in every grade. I recommend Home Learning Year by Year How to Design a homeschool Curriculum from Preschool through High School by Rebecca Rupp. Very good book. So take it slow. You set the standard. All children learn differently at different rates so don't get upset when your child doesn't pick something up right way. Homeschooling allows the time for real learning and growth. Peace


Anonymous said…
greetings mahagony.
please advise on how to move forward with boys only home school stewarded by adult male(s) for pre school aged children (2-5).
thank you in advance.
Greetings, hoping all is well. With your preschool age children
(2-4), homeschooling journey will really be learning through play. You will want to provide a rich environment of educational toys and manipulatives. Things like puzzles, blocks, legos, lacing toys, things that will stimulate problem solving are good. Provide a time and space for crafting for all the chidren. Crayons, paper, water color paints, washable markers etc. A lot of children love to express themselves through art. Giving them many mediums of art supplies will show them that there are many ways to create things. Reading to them is crucial as this is the stepping stone to reading. Your younger children will see the connection between you reading and thr words on the pages. You 4 & 5 year may already be expressing interest in reading. With them you can start with short vowel words. If you would like I can provide a list of words that you can inturn make flash cards. Flash cards of numbers, alphabet, shaopes, colors, pictures ets. Young children respomd well to clolrs and pictures. With your 4 & 5 year olds, you can introduce manipulates to use for math. At a young age children are able to better understand the concept of math when they can see you physically add and subtract objects. Minimize TV watching as much as possible. The more they play and interact with you and the other children, the more independant and creative they will become. I recommend "Homeschooling the Early Years YOr Complete guide to Successfully homeschooling the 3to 8 year old child" by Linda Dobson. Check out these sites for some great educational toys. (they offer a free catalog that has over 900 pages talk about thorough)I also have an account with enchanted learning where they have lots of crafting ideas. It is a $20 one time fee for the entire year:) I hope this helps and feel free to email me @ if you have any more questions. Peace

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