Number Matching Cards

When found K-3 Teacher Resources, I found a gold mine of materials. They  provide printable hands on materials that you can easily incorporate in your classroom. They offer free materials but in order to get the good stuff, you have to subscribe for $17 and it's well worth it. Your subscription allows access for an entire year. Ok enough with the advertisement lol I came across there number matching cards from 10-100 which consist of the numeral, the written word and a corresponding place value card. The ideas and lessons you can create with these are limitless ! All you have to do is print them out, cut them and laminated them (for durability though not necessary)   By the time you are done cutting them out, you will have over 20 cards. I placed them in separate ziploc bags so they don't get mixed up.

We made a huge number chart on the floor from 1 to 100 (to get the numbers 1-9, I printed from their number 1-10 matching game) I let my 3 year old help while calling out the numbers. My King called out random numbers and had our 5 & 6 year old find the number he called out. My son worked on matching the numbers with their word and place value card
We counted by 2s,5s,10s, worked on odd and even numbers............

I also displayed numbers leaving spaces so the children can add the correct numbers
 I also displayed a series of  number patterns so my son could find the pattern and find the diference between the numbers.

There are so many ways you can use these cards.  I have used these for my 1 year old all the way up to my 9 year old and I love it !


Tracey said…
Good info, I'll check out some of the resources listed on the sidebar. Love the new look to your blog.

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