DIY Tabletop Anchor Chart Stand

I really like to incorporate anchor charts in our home instruction, however, i never got around to purchasing a stand to hang the charts. I usually make them and store them away. As my children have grown, especially my oldest three, I have been able to introduce many concepts to them together especially with our unit studies. I decided to downsize my anchor charts from a standard poster size to about 1/3 of that. I'm able to display any vocabulary words or copywork at the table and they are all able to see and copy together. No more copying multiple sheets or running back and forth to the white board. It was very easy to make and very inexpensive. I went to Home Depot and purchased 1 - 1/2" diameter pvc pipe and 6 - 1/2" attachments. it cost me under $4.00 tax included! The pipe was $3.00 and the attachments were around $0.35 each. I cut the top and side frame pieces at 18 inches. I cut 4 8" pieces for the bottom. I initially cut 2 16" pieces thinking that  the parts would slide through the T attachments but they didn't so I cut them in half. They don't have to be that long.  It was very easy cut. i didn't use any special tools. I used a steak knife and cut around the pipe deep enough to weaken the plastic. I was able to make a clean snap after bending the pipe. I want to make a larger one in the future ut tis one will work perfectly for now. 


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