Building An Inexpensive In Home Library

During our homeschooling journey, we have accumulated a lot of books. through out the years I have learned how to work with a strict budget designate funds for our homeschool. Here is a lest of some of the things we have done to build our library. **If you don't have the money of space for lots of books, the best resource is the FREE LIBRARY**

1.Purchase by current subject or study matter. ..
When we are gathering materials for a certain subject we also look for relevant literature that we can read to the children and they can in turn read themselves. You may also want to purchase an encyclopedia set for leisure or research.

2.Buy Used.
I purchased AFrican Ceremonies which is sold on for $94 used for $15. The book was in great condition and I got it for a little more than half the price. Some books and DVDs can be costly, but don't be afraid to shop around for a cheaper price.

3. There's Nothing Wrong With a Good Garage Sale:)
You would be surprised at how many people sell books at bottom prices. I managed to purchase 5 National Geographic animal videos,magnetic words, preschool cassettes, and manipulatives for $15.

4. Designate An Area In the home
Whether you live in a large or small home, you can try to be creative in incorporating a space for a home library. You can purchase small 4 shelf bookcase up to a 6-7 shelf bookcase. You can even be more creative by purchasing a few slabs of wood from Home Depot or Lowes for a few dollars and some cinder blocks (they are about $2 each)

5.Out With the Old and In with the New
As your children get older, you may need to upgrade your collection so you may find your self selling some books older books t o make room for newer ones. You can even pass some along to others or make an exchange.
During the course of your homeschooling will use 100s of books, so incorporating a library in your home can be fun,educational and enlightening.


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