I have come across some very good sites that offer extremely fun games for children and adults alike. When we are not formally schooling our children, we encourage a lot of play.Your family will have so much fun playing that TV watching will be seldom to (free catalog)I LOVE THIS STORE!!! They built one near my home and it has been history ever since. They also have free craft day every Saturday from 11am-3pm

www. mindware. com - brainy toys for children of all ages (free catalog)If you have young ones I highly recommend The Foundation of Mathematics pattern play blocks:)
www. lauritoys. com - We order from them all the time. They offer lots of lace ups and puzzles.(My children are playing with a few items in our homeschooling albumgreat early learning toys and durable! (free catalog)
Toys to grow on www. ttgo. com lots of toys for imaginative/ dramatic play (free catalog)
www. educationallearninggames. com GREAT GREAT SITE for homeschoolers! they games for all ages in every subject.
These sites have games and toys that stimulate the mind and bring the family together.~Bless~


Divine IZ said…
Peace, your blog is great. I have a question: When did you start formally homeschooling your children, i.e. via curriculum. My daughter is 18 months, and she learns through play, reading time, etc. How long should I wait to start curriculum learning? Peace and thanks.
Peace Queen,
Thank you:) I began formally homeschooling my oldest through a curriculum when she was 4. Prior to the structure, I provided a lot of educational toys and book reading. I began her formal homeschooling once she showed an interest in reading that's when we began. I used the Hooked on Phonics program. All children are different and may show signs of interest sooner or later than others. Does she like to use crayons or paint yet?
Divine IZ said…
I haven't tried painting with her yet, but I did get her a coloring book, she is still at that stage where she can be focused for a little while, then the crayons start to look yummy and she want to give it a lick LOL
My youngest is 21 months and she is at that stage. I have to watch her with anything that writes and can be written on. LOL When you get the chance check out They have great toys and manipulatives for toddlers.

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